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Background Check & Employee Screening in Costa Rica

Employment Verification in Costa Rica is analyzed to be the prime urgency of majority of individuals, corporate houses and service providers. It is manly needed by the people to overcome entire possibilities of deception by dishonest and corrupt people. It is observed that a majority of employers are getting defrauded by their own workers at different levels. Sometimes, the situation becomes so scary that employers are forced for huge socio-economic losses. Many employers remain unaware of such tricks unless the situation slips out. Today, a large number of employers want to have advanced steps to avoid getting into these situations. In this respect, they prefer to use employee checks to secure their firms.

When it comes to employee check in Costa Rica, then Severg is counted among some of top providers, as we have been removing all chances of getting a cheat in verification works. Today, we possess best background screeners that are competent to take up a Background check in Costa Rica. Our professionals are performing in a manner to attend prime components of a background check.

We have been providing extensive services which are covering numerous checks related to main components such as identity, education, criminal records and financial background verification of a suspected employee. Apart from that our professionals are helping out people by providing the quality services by handling many crucial issues which includes social security numbers, corporate background, registration & certificate checks, International corporate records, court record checks and many other activities needs verification of documents and records.

Nowadays Severg offers its expertise by serving simplified process of background screening in Costa Rica. Today, screening services are considered to be the intelligent part of verifications works mainly tried out by the corporate people to find the possibility of getting a quality business venture or collaboration. We have been assisting businesses by creating best prospects of development and growth through several options of quality ventures and collaborations.

Hence, Severg has been leading in its operations by imparting uncounted activities fulfilling extensive verification demands of people in Costa Rica. We have been providing matchless results and perfect solutions of major issues through quality checks or screening services. Our processes are best utilized for verifying the overall personality of a person or history of a company. Our records are accepted by the global businesses.

A majority of clients operating in various parts of Costa Rica are feeling good to go with Severg to use our innovations and expertise.

Our background verification services are mentioned below:

  • Address Verification Services
  • Bankruptcy Check
  • Business and Property Ownership
  • Business Background Screening
  • Business Credit Reports
  • Business Owner/Partner Profile
  • Corporate Background Verification
  • County Civil Records Search
  • County Criminal Records Search
  • Court and Civil Litigation Check
  • Credential Verification
  • Credit History Report
  • Criminal Records Search Check
  • Directorship Check
  • Due Diligence Screening & Investigative Research
  • Educational Qualification Verification
  • Employee Audits & Monitoring
  • Employment Reference Checks
  • Employment Verification
  • Federal Civil Records Search
  • Federal Criminal Records Search
  • Financial Regulatory Checks
  • Global Background Verifications
  • Insurance Claim Verification
  • International Business Credit Reports
  • International Corporate Records Check
  • International Criminal Record Searches
  • International Education Verification
  • International Employment Verification
  • Media Search
  • Motor Vehicle Driving Records (MVRs)
  • National Criminal Database Search
  • Nationwide Criminal Records Database Searches
  • Occupational History Checks
  • Online Trademark Monitoring Check & Watch Notice
  • Personal Reference Checks
  • Post-Employment Screening
  • Pre-Employment Screening
  • Pre-Employment Credit Reports
  • Professional License Verification
  • Professional Reference Check
  • Reference Interviews/Verification
  • Registration and Certificate Check
  • Social Media Background Checks
  • Social Security Number Trace/Validation
  • Statewide Criminal Records Search
  • Tenant Screening
  • Vendor and Contractor Screening
  • Verification of Labour

Costa Rica Background Check Restrictions for Investigations

Background checks in Costa Rica are conducted by our well settled background screeners that are working under the strict compliance of governing rules and laws prevailing in various parts of Costa Rica which prohibits us at various points to take up:

  • Stalking : Our background screeners will never indulge in the stalking activities involving a person or statement which is not required to be shared with a client, but can be shared to an authorized governmental personnel or police personnel.
  • Bugging and Tapping : This kind of activity is always curbed by our professional background screeners that are working for Severg to offer impeccable background verification services in Costa Rica.
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