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Corporate Investigations

A Corporate investigation covers all aspects of business oriented investigations like competitive intelligence, due diligence of business rivals, background screening of potential partners and investors, background check of employees and staff members and social status investigation of business and corporate houses. These Corporate Investigations enable the clients to take crucial decisions, which, if taken arbitrarily, may prove fatal and very damaging. Corporate Investigations are a valuable tool in the hands of business leaders and decision makers which largely secure their business interests and eliminate all potential risks to the maximum possible extent.

During the routine course of business operations there are several occasions where employees, especially the new recruits, have to be provided access to very sensitive and confidential information and it is therefore necessary that all employees should have a clean background and should not have a tainted past attached to them. Proper background check and verification is the best way to rule out such possibilities at any stage of the employment.

In addition to this, there is a running requirement of periodic market checks in order to control the menace of counterfeiting, copy right violations and Intellectual Property Infringements, which have become very prevalent in the markets today and our dedicated personnel keep the markets under regular watch for observations of such ongoing malpractices in order to safeguard the business interest of our clients to the best possible extent.

Due Diligence Investigations

It is a known fact that things may not be the same as they appear. In most of the cases involving personal or business disputes, the root cause of the problem lies in material concealment of facts and gross misrepresentation and falsification of facts and figures, particularly in the books of a company. Doctored facts like inflated Salary bills, Fictitious Asset and Liabilities Statements, fabricated Profit and Loss statements are some of the most commonly encountered situations which cause wrongful gains to one party while causing wrongful loss to the other.

It is during such situations that the parties opt for Due Diligence Investigations on other parties which may be employees, associates, acquaintances, business partners or potential business associates, partners, suppliers etc.

A detailed Due Diligence report provides a clear idea of the Financial Credibility, Credit Worthiness, Holding Capacity, Financial and Market Repute, Ongoing Litigations and Social Background of a party. Such information is essentially required for making business decisions in the best interest of a business or corporate house.

Insurance Claim Investigations

This is another highly specialized wing of the company and is based on the basic principle of insurance:

"An Insurance Policy is a tool to safeguard the bonafide interests of the effected / victimized parties in event of a genuine loss of life or property. In no case should an Insurance Policy be used as an instrument to mint money by way of deception or fabrication of material facts and / or by way of presenting false evidences"

Unfortunately, in today’s scenario there are many miscreants who simply use the Insurance Policies to serve their vested interests in a malafide manner. Submission of false claims supported by fake evidences, documents and information have become a common thing now and it has become equally important for the insurance companies to verify the authenticity of each and every Insurance Claim, be it in respect of life or property.

It is not at all surprising to unearth cases where the claimed deceased person is found alive in a hale and hearty condition or coming across the claimed accidental vehicle which was never damaged actually. Such fraudulent claims, if passed, can severely dent the financial worth of the Insurer and create social insecurity in the society by jeopardizing the basic essence of the concept of Insurance which aims at creating social security by way of sharing joint liability.

It is therefore essential that not only for the financial safeguard of the insurer but also for the overall interest of the community, the perpetrators of Insurance Fraud should be brought to justice and should be recommended for suitable punitive action for their wrongdoings and fabrication.

This can only be achieved by way of sincere investigations and our highly experienced Claim investigators go the extra mile to dig even the remotest of facts and leave no stone unturned while probing the genuineness and authenticity of a life or property Insurance claim. We take pride in stating that our services are hired by some of the biggest Insurers and Claim settlers around the world who have entrusted upon us, the task of probing some of the most critical death claims at times, in different parts of the world and we also have the distinction of unearthing some fake cases during the recent past.

Intellectual Property Rights Investigations

Though Intellectual Property and IP Rights have come up as a major thrust area in today’s industrial set-up, there are still a number of countries where Intellectual Property and IP Rights remain an alienated concept. This may be attributed to the sheer ignorance of the business community or low academic acumen of businessmen, but under the light of a known fact that "ignorance of law cannot be treated as a valid defense", it becomes essential that IP Rights of any and all are duly protected and preserved in the best interest of the bonafide owners.

It is needless to mention that counterfeiting has eaten into the genuine profits of a number of brands causing excessive financial and reputational losses to such brands. In addition to this, counterfeiting or copy right infringements in sensitive industries like health and pharmaceuticals are a big threat to mankind. The losses incurred on account of piracy, counterfeiting, IP rights violation, Copy Right infringements, parallel and unauthorized trade, illegal export and import are sufficient to cause an irreparable damage to an organization. Hence it is in the best interest of the business community, particularly the manufacturing industries, that strict vigilance be maintained across all their markets so that the inflow of counterfeits or any similar violation can be promptly detected and appropriate action be initiated to culminate the malpractice and bring the perpetrators of crime to justice.

Our highly skilled and experienced IP investigators, which include former state enforcement officials and Police personnel, carry out enforcement actions, raids, seizures over and above routine market vigilance an ensure that the menace of IP Rights violation is curbed to the best possible extent. This also highlights our motto "Our business is protecting your business".

International Process Service & Skip Tracing

The chronic problem with habitual offenders is that they simply vanish after committing an offence and change their base to an undisclosed location bringing all the pending legal proceedings against them to a standstill. This is the most frustrating point in the course of a judicial or legal proceeding where the agencies cannot proceed against such miscreants as they become untraceable.

In addition to this, it has also been noticed that many a times the respondents to a judicial proceeding evade the service of summons either deliberately or by way of relocating themselves to remote locations or foreign countries where the service of summons and execution of decree becomes very difficult. Such acts put the petitioners to massive loss and the litigations continue to drag indefinitely.

In such situations, our highly skilled process servers make multiple efforts and serve the documents personally to the respondents thereby clearing the way for subsequent judicial proceedings. Our process servers are duly capable of serving the documents under the provisions of the Hague Convention also. In addition to this, we have a highly specialized team which takes care of the skip trace cases wherein they put in the best of their efforts to locate the whereabouts of the persons who try to evade the judicial proceedings pending against them by way of hiding or relocating themselves.

Our company has the distinction of solving a handful of such cases wherein long pending litigations where the respondents were not appearing or had gone untraceable have been finally solved and the parties were successfully located. Our expert team has the capability to dig deeper into almost every lead that we obtain during the course of investigation and connecting all the leads with available on-ground facts, we move towards solving such typical and difficult cases.

Background Verification & Check Services

Verification of antecedents and a thorough background check are two essential components of all prospective business associations and HR hiring in the present scenario. We do come across incumbent recruits getting jobs on fake certificates and degrees. Such people not only cause a loss of employment opportunity to other deserving candidates but are also a threat to the working of the organization as they act without proper subject knowledge. Such incidents of perjury can be easily controlled by proper verification and background check.

Our experienced and skilled operators thoroughly check the academic records with the record office of the respective educational institution, personally verify the previous employments, and conduct neighborhood enquiries and present the most conclusive and comprehensive verification reports.

We have the distinction of serving some of the largest corporate houses for their verification and background check requirements and at times, some large corporate houses have hired us for verifying the antecedents of the key management designates like CEOs, VPs, Directors etc before formally issuing the Letters of Appointments.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

Even a mere thought of such a situation where someone might have access to any and all information or happenings taking place in one’s home or office can be frightening and worrying for the affected person. During our long stint as pioneers in the field of investigation, we have come across various cases where ongoing Technical Surveillance has been unearthed and sophisticated gadgets have been recovered from the most unsuspected locations. Be it a microphone or a trans- receiver embedded in the office chair of a senior official or a hidden voice receiver installed beneath the driver’s seat in one’s car; our highly skilled TSCM team, headed by a former para-military Commandant is equipped with the most sophisticated gadgets like spectrographic analyzers, wave interceptors, bug detectors etc.

This team has the distinction of executing some of the toughest assignments in various countries and has unearthed some alarming rackets which have lead to the exposure of anti-management conspiracy, internal politics and infighting in the organization. This team has given results which have had far reaching effects on the growth of the client organization and has been instrumental in controlling such mischievous activities which could have put the client organization to a great loss, if they would not have been detected and prevented on time.

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