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Warm welcome from, Our this product is one of the most preferred and sought for service and we boast of having one of the most advanced network of IP and brand protection investigators well-knit across the world which gives us the mobility to execute operations in any part of the world. IP Rights violation is something that has become very common in the present times and almost every big corporate house is suffering the pangs of counterfeiting, illegal imports and parallel trade. Grey markets across the world have come up as a big menace but our skilled investigators and team members are bashers of such wrongdoers and take pride in our capability to arrest such incidents by conducting IP investigation and enforcement actions in the affected areas through our IP investigators. We even have the capability of checking the IP right violations taking place simultaneously in more than one country or at more than one places and take pride in putting across the fact that we have handled simultaneous actions and investigations at different locations at a time.

Needless to mention, the industries suffering the pangs of IPR violations include Pharmaceuticals, Automobiles, FMCG, Heavy Industry and Software and the nature of infringement could be anything like a Patent infringement, GI Mark infringement, Trade Secret / Formula theft, Trademark and Copy Right Infringement, Design Infringement etc.

The mode of investigation ranges from Market Surveys, Organizing market intelligence reports, serving cease and desist notices, making test purchases, keeping the subject parties under constant observation, providing the necessary litigation support to executing enforcement actions including conducting IPR raids under Copy Right or Trademark acts followed by arrest of accused persons, seizure of goods and post raid follow-up, above mentioned services are successfully delivered by our expert IP investigators on wide scale.

Our IPR services have been the saving grace for some of the largest corporate giants who have turned to us in difficult times when the wrongdoers and counterfeiters have tried to eat into their market share and sabotage their reputation and sales by introducing counterfeit products and goods.

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