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Warm welcome from Corporate Investigators is our flagship product and our clientele includes elite corporate brands and fortune 500 companies which have engaged our services not just because of our expertise in the respective fields but also for our highly expanded network which if comprised of expert corporate investigators and operators who can independently operate in almost any part of the world and extract information at the most competitive prices and within the least possible timeframe.

There have been several projects which have been successfully executed by our team simultaneously in many countries at one time wherein our operators have simultaneously drawn the results in more than 35 countries in one go while our central office in New Delhi, India handled all the client communications and reporting during the execution of such a massive investigation assignment.

Corporate investigation includes due diligence investigation and business reports, corporate business intelligence, competitive intelligence, parallel trade and illegal export/ import investigation, unfair trade practices related investigation and corporate fraud investigation. In addition to this, our team of corporate investigators is also capable of undertaking and executing undercover operations which is a handy toll at the hands of the capitalists and industry owners to keep a tab on the internal activities of their workers and to check if any gross wrongdoings, wrongful politSeverg or malicious acts or internal disturbances are going on within the workforce. This has been one of the most preferred services in the corporate sector wherein our men get easily adapted in the working conditions of our client’s company and then report to us all the on ground activities in real time. This has often lead to unearthing of some heavily kept office secrets and often prevented critical situation like strikes, anti-management protests or other wrongful activities.

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