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Severg have become the most popular source of great private investigators who are actively operating in various parts of Abu Dhabi and offering the best investigative or detective supports to all those organizations who look out for getting the quality private investigation services, as delivered by the intelligent investigators or detective of Severg. Our professionals are having the huge potential to undertake all type of challenges as the part of numerous fraudulent issues or threats due to higher frauds and corruptions come up due to growing sensitive environment. Today, the highly risky and dreaded environment has projected the organization to find the way to have develop and grow by taking the taking fruitful processes of great investigations to overcome the menacing get the ways to induce in the system to wreck the organization in the city.

Severg is not limited its processes and the massive supports deliver to every needful individual or organization through its great private investigators for getting the best atmosphere of growth by giving the ends to subversive activity carried out by miscreants or fraudsters in the city. Our experts have produced the best methods which can be used by majority of organization to have the extended protections and numerous prospects to develop in businesses. Our researchers are dedicated to develop the best technicalities to give away the right solution of numerous issues to acquire through effective risk protections in the region.

Severg has got the competency and caliber to take the good care entire needs by providing the easy access of its qualified private investigators in Abu Dhabi or other major cities of UAE like Dubai and Sharjah so that people get the easy access to our reliable services for finding the quick solution of every matter with perfection.

Our Private Investigation Services in Abu Dhabi as follows:-

  • Corporate Surveillance Services
  • Anti-Counterfeiting Investigations
  • Trademark, Design & Patent Infringement Investigation
  • IP Enforcement Actions
  • Insurance Claim Investigation
  • Corporate Due Diligence Investigation
  • Personal Detective Services
  • Corporate Investigations
  • Human Resources Investigations
  • Internal Investigation (Undercover)
  • Insurance Investigations
  • Information Gathering and Data Research
  • Legal Services or Process Servers
  • Background & Asset Check
  • Missing Persons Investigations

Abu Dhabi Private Investigators: Restrictions for Investigations

Private investigations in Abu Dhabi conducted under the strict compliance of governing rules and laws of the country which prohibit us to conduct:

  • Stalking : Our investigators not responsible to conduct stalking of person or statement which shouldn’t be given to the client but can be given to governmental police personnel.
  • Bugging and Tapping : This type of highly illegal and defamed activities always avoided by our lawful private investigators who are working for Severg in the territory of Abu Dhabi.
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