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Insurance Claim Investigators in Equatorial Guinea

Severg maintains a big lot of insurance claim investigators throughout Equatorial Guinea to take the clear account of all insurance related problems and deliver the best results to satisfy all through extensive services. The insurance investigation services in Equatorial Guinea important in a way to monitor the entire claims related demands of the people to give the trust and reliance in using the insurance work for any kind of claim related process. To make this possible, our professionals provide the extensive supports and effective advises to get the clear cut verification of all claims through our vital activity of perfect monitoring of doubtful claims by observing major facts, evidence, witnesses, statements and site review, in odd cases, to have clear view on all claims. Our professionals strived out to make Severg a name of dominating source of perfect investigations in all regions of Equatorial Guinea including Bata, Malabo, Ebebiyin, Aconibe, Anisoc, Luba, Evinayong, Mongomo, Micomeseng, Mbini, Acurenam and Riaba where the clients can have the easy manipulation of all fraudulent claims to have smooth insurance work.

Our Insurance Investigation Services in Equatorial Guinea are mentioned below:

  • Accidental Benefits/Vehicle Crash Claim
  • Contestable Death Claim Investigation
  • Death Claim Verification
  • Life Insurance Claim Investigation
  • Medical Claim Investigation
  • Property Claim Investigation
  • Subrogation & Recovery Investigation
  • Theft Claim Investigation
  • Third-Party Claim Investigation
  • Travel Insurance Claim Investigation

Insurance Investigations in Equatorial Guinea: Restriction

Claim investigations in Equatorial Guinea are rendered under the prevailing laws and regulation of the country which restrict us to conduct:

  • Stalking : Our investigators doesn't respond to any stalking work involves any person or statement which shouldn’t be given to the client's which can be given by governmental police personnel.
  • Bugging and Tapping : These works are highly unlawful which legally restricts our insurance claim investigators in Equatorial Guinea.
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