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Corporate Risk Investigation Services

Corporate Investigators is our flagship product and our clientele includes elite corporate brands...

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IP Rights Investigation Services

IP Rights Investigators is one of the most preferred and sought for service and we boast of having...

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Insurance Claim Investigation Services

The present day situation is very challenging for the Insurance Companies as on one hand they...

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Process Services & Skip Tracing Services

Our experienced process servers which include former state officials and experienced enforcement...

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Corporate Investigators & Private Investigation Services

(Formerly known as Fidelifacts Private Limited)
(Established 1975)

Having started its operations in the year 1975 as a corporate investigation company with elite corporate investigators; SEVERG has the distinction of being one of the first corporate intelligence and Business investigation service companies. Ever since its inception, SEVERG has been an industry leader, assisting international Companies, Insurance companies, banking and financial institutions and industrial set-ups. The company has also provided the best of legal support to advocates and attorneys in almost every part of the world with the help of its expert corporate investigators. The company offers a worldwide coverage area and customized service plans which are exclusively tailor-made to suit the requirements of every client. SEVERG values all its clients and holds each of them in highest regard. The world-class International Network of the company comprises of highly skilled professionals equipped with the best of machinery and latest gadgets, making them competent enough to unearth all hidden facts, misrepresentations and pieces of evidence.

SEVERG takes pride in mentioning about its distinguished clientele, which includes International Government Agencies, Multi-National Companies, Private & Government Banking companies, Law Firms, Brand Owners, High Net Worth Families, NGOs, Insurance companies, Pharmaceutical Industry, Bio-Tech and Oil companies. In addition to this, many other classes of industries are being added to the company’s distinguished clientele every month.

SEVERG aims at creating a platform that serves as a one stop shop for all the investigative requirements anywhere in the world and the strong network of the company built over the last 35 years of its existence brings the company closer to the realization of its goal with every passing day. To obtain our professional services through our expert corporate investigators in all over the world, Please reach us on [email protected].

corporate risk investigator
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